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My wife and I are separated, how do I travel with the kids without getting in trouble?

Arrange for a legally enforceable written agreement which permits travel with the children. This will assist if any child abduction allegations arise down the track. We can draft such an agreement for you.

I elected to have my fine heard in court and I have received a criminal summons brief, I am mentioned as the accused. I am not a criminal. What should I do?

We know you are not a criminal and you should contact our office to discuss how to best handle your court case to ensure a criminal conviction is prevented.

My Visa is about to expire, can I extend it or apply for another Visa so I can stay in Australia?

Yes, you may be able to extend your stay in Australia. Please contact one of our migration lawyers. Thank you.

My insurance claim was rejected, is there any avenue to escalate the matter other than going to court?

Yes, the matter can be taken to the ombudsman. We can prepare a comprehensive application on your behalf and liaise and prepare evidence to submit to the ombudsman to assist them in making a decision about your dispute.

I have received a legal letter and I do not know what my options are. Can you guide me?

Yes. In an initial consultation, we will review your matter and provide you with legal advice as to your options. Thereafter you can decide to pursue the legal matter on your own or instruct our legal team to represent you and take care of your matter from start to end.

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