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Wills and Probate


The importance of having a properly drafted Will is often underestimated. While it may be emotionally challenging to openly discuss death and how one’s assets and belongings will be distributed, taking control and predetermining the situation can be greatly convenient and hassle free for our loved ones.

In an efficient and comprehensive manner, our legal team will draft your Will in accordance to your wishes while providing you with advice to ensure your Will remains effective and up to date with changes in your life.

A client had his Will drafted on an emergency basis due to his sudden and declining health. We provided him with an urgent Will within 48 hours through our Expediated Will Process. Our client soon passed away and his family realised the benefits of the instruction of his Will.

Power of Attorney

Appointing a trusted person or loved one as your attorney can be a wise proactive step to take. Whether you are travelling overseas or you are in the unlikely situation that you become incapable to make important and at times life dependable decisions, having a Power of Attorney is a good idea.
One of our clients recently fell ill and was unexpectedly put into an induced coma. He did not have a Power of Attorney in place and therefore his treatment was delayed which caused him serious health complications. Upon regaining consciousness, our client immediately had his Power of Attorney appointed and is now worry free should such a health complication occur ever again.


Having a functional Will benefits those we leave behind, however the process does not end there. Executors of a Will must apply for probate in order to receive authority to access and distribute one’s assets in accordance to the deceased’s Will. At times a lengthy process, we take care of the probate and ensure executors are vested with the authority given to them in a Will.

Melbourne Law Offices is a reliable and efficient firm, assisting your loved ones through the above processes during an understandably difficult time of their lives.