Humanitarian and Refugee Visas

Our staff are from a diverse background of beliefs and cultures, and are familiar with the current political and humanitarian situations of the war torn regions. Religions persecution, political asylum, discrimination and forced removal of refugees from their homes are catastrophic events and leave the victims traumatised for a long time. Our firm is equipped to deal with such cases and make a strong representation on behalf of the applicants after carefully separating legitimate claims from illegitimate ones.

If you are Offshore – Outside Australia:

* Visa Subclass 200 This is a Refugee Visa for applicants subject to persecution in their homeland but living outside their home country. 
* Visa Subclass 201 also called In Country Special Humanitarian Program: For persecuted applicants living in their home country.
* Visa Subclass 202 also referred to as Global Special Humanitarian Program: For applicants subject to severe discrimination in their home country, and have an Australian citizen, permanent resident or organisation willing to propose them.
* Emergency Rescue Visa Applies to applicants in urgent need of protection as their life could be in danger. Normally UNHCR refers these types of visas.
* Subclass 204 Woman at Risk: For women and her dependants residing outside their home country without the protection of a male relative and who are in danger of victimisation, harassment or serious abuse because of their gender.

If you are Onshore – In Australia:

* Subclass 866 Protection visa – Applicants who are currently in Australia and have arrived legally but are found to be refugees in line with the Refugees Convention definition or Australia’s protection obligations can apply for this visa. 
* Applicants must satisfy health, character and security and the department is strict in the acceptance criteria simply because thousands of applications are sent in every year and not all are eligible. 
* Our team of experts are well equipped to analyse such cases and make reasonable recommendations before proceeding with this visa.


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